Melbourne Law School first offered Teaching Fellowships in 2009. These prestigious Fellowships are only available to candidates enrolled in a PhD at Melbourne Law School who have completed the candidature milestone of confirmation. The Fellowships include teacher training and mentoring, teaching and administrative experience and full inclusion in the intellectual life of the Law School. When combined with the excellent research support program available to all PhD students enrolled at Melbourne Law School, the Fellowships provide outstanding training for leading academics of the future.

The aims of the Teaching Fellowship are to:

  • Provide a range of teaching experiences that will allow you to develop skills over the period of your candidature (i.e. three years);
  • Provide an additional source of income on top of your scholarship to allow you to focus on your PhD;
  • Offer an opportunity to develop relationships with teaching mentors in addition to your PhD supervisors;
  • Offer an opportunity to develop a teaching portfolio that will be recognised by universities as evidence of a Fellow’s credentials as having both a theoretical understanding and practical experience of teaching; and
  • Involve Fellows in Melbourne Law School's vibrant and exceptional academic community. To this end, Fellows will be provided with a workspace, computing facilities, access to extensive resources (including staff common rooms in the Law School building), inclusion in regular Law School teaching and research seminars and a web profile/homepage as a Melbourne Law School Teaching Fellow.