Accept your Offer and Get Started

Alongside Get Started at Melbourne, which contains all the information you need to begin your course, the details below provide additional information relevant to the JD program.

Enrol in your course

Once you have activated your university account and completed your administrative enrolment, the next step is to enrol in subjects.

Subject Selection

You are required to enrol in the first year compulsory subjects. Please refer to the JD course entry in the University handbook for further details or view the course structure.


Semester 1

Semester 2

*Legal Theory (LAWS50031) is also offered in December. Assessment dates will be available to students via the Assessment Schedule on the JD LMS Community. Places are quota restricted. Students can enrol into this offering on a first-in basis, based on their date/time of enrolling into the subject. Please note that Legal Theory is required as a prerequisite for various subjects in second year. If you do not enrol in Legal Theory in first year, then you will be moving to the extended three and a half year course plan or the four year course plan and will need to contact the Assistant Dean – Teaching and Learning ( prior to enrolling in second year subjects.

Read the information about timetabling and time commitment in the JD carefully, including allocated timetabling in first year subjects.

Follow the online steps (via Get Started at Melbourne) to enrol in subjects. If you wish to amend your subject choices, you may do so via my.unimelb.

Class Registration

In all first year subjects, JD students will be placed in classes as part of the 'cohort' system, which is specifically designed to continue to foster social and learning communities developed in Legal Method and Reasoning (LMR).

As a result of the cohort system, first year JD students are registered into classes for LMR, and all semester 1 and semester 2 subjects by the Academic Support Office. There is no need for first year JD students to register for classes.You can view your finalised class timetable via my.unimelb.

Fees, Bursaries and Scholarships

Further information on fees, bursaries and scholarships.

Get a Student Card

After you have enrolled you need to upload your photo to the CaptureMe service before you can get a student card. Further information on student cards.

Statement of Liability and Student Invoice

You can access a statement of your fees and due dates through my.unimelb. We encourage you to check this as soon as you can as fees are often due soon after you have enrolled. This should be accessible from the day after you have completed your online enrolment.

A Student Invoice is generated for each invoicing period for which fees are owed. You will be sent an email notification when a Student Invoice is available. Student Invoices are not posted.


The Melbourne JD commences in early February with a compulsory orientation program on 7 February 2019 and an intensive two-week summer subject starting 11 February 2019 prior to Semester 1. University key dates

International students need to be in the country in time to attend an International Welcome event on 6 February 2019.

Subject Materials

Printed materials will be provided for most JD subjects you are enrolled in. It is anticipated that these will be available approximately four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of classes. You will be notified via your University email account when subject materials are available. Subject materials are provided free of charge.

View a list of JD subjects that have subject materials or require you to purchase a textbook.

Please ensure you check subjects on the Learning Management System (LMS) prior to the commencement of each subject for any special requirements, and other important information.

Additional information

View information for current students for additional information.