Accept your Offer and Get Started

Alongside Get Started at Melbourne, which contains all the information you need to begin your course, the details below provide additional information relevant to the JD course.

Enrol in your course

Once you have activated your university account and completed your administrative enrolment, the next step is to enrol in subjects.

Enrolment for 2023 subjects opens Monday 14 November. Please note that if your offer is conditional, you need to satisfy your offer conditions before you can enrol in subjects.

Subject Selection

You are required to enrol in the first year compulsory subjects for the full year. Please refer to the JD course entry in the Handbook for further details and alternative course plans. Students studying on a student visa must choose the three year course plan to fulfil the requirements of their visa.

Key semester dates

Full-time study load – First Year


Semester 1

Semester 2

*Legal Theory (LAWS50031) is also offered in November/December and places are quota restricted.

Part-time study load (Domestic students only) – First year


Semester 1

Semester 2


+Places are quota restricted.

Note: Part-time students should only enrol in Legal Method and Reasoning (LAWS50023) and Obligations (LAWS50026) at this time. You will be contacted in early January to arrange a course advice appointment before you can enrol in other first year subjects.

Follow the online steps (via Get Started at Melbourne) to enrol in subjects. If you wish to amend your subject choices, you may do so via my.unimelb.

See further information regarding delivery modes.


Students will need to register to classes using MyTimetable. You will be able to self-allocate classes for the Summer Term (Legal Method and Reasoning) from Tuesday 29 November 2022 and enter your class timetable preferences for Semester 1 from Tuesday 10 January 2023. Further details will be provided closer to the time.

Fees, supported places and scholarships

See further information on fees, bursaries and scholarships and the Melbourne Law School Supported Place scheme including frequently asked questions.

Get a student card

After you have enrolled you need to upload your photo to the CaptureMe service before you can get a student card. See further information on student cards.

Statement of Liability and Student Invoice

You can access a statement of your fees and due dates through my.unimelb. We encourage you to check this as soon as you can as fees are often due soon after you have enrolled. This should be accessible from the day after you have completed your online enrolment.

A Student Invoice is generated for each invoicing period for which fees are owed. You will be sent an email notification when a Student Invoice is available. Student Invoices are not posted.

Ongoing Support, Health and Safety

Please note that as a general rule, information supplied for the purpose of selection into the JD is treated as confidential and none of it is shared with anyone else in the University.

There are several reasons why you might need to provide that information again to other parts of the University, including to access reasonable adjustments for teaching and assessment, and, in some circumstances, to protect the health and safety for yourself and others. This section outlines the contacts you need to provide that information.

Health and safety

While you are studying at the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Law School, it is essential that you are aware of your own health and safety and that of others.

The University has a range of policies and processes designed to ensure the health and safety of our University community. You can view key information, including contact points if you have any concerns. Read the University’s policies on health and safety.

The University has health and safety obligations to all those who interact with it, including students and staff. The University will be proactive in identifying and addressing risks, but, if you are aware of any circumstances (whether involving you or others) which may require attention, you are strongly encouraged to let the University know so that necessary action may be taken. Such information can be of vital importance in emergencies, such as a need to evacuate the MLS building if there is a fire, or fire alarm testing, which occurs every year.  If this might apply to you, then please advise University staff of this when you register for ongoing support (if this applies to you) or otherwise contact MLS Assistant Dean – Teaching & Learning, Associate Professor Judith Marychurch

Adjustments for disability and other ongoing support needs

The University provides assistance to students where an ongoing circumstance or an official commitment impacts on your studies and assessments, for a period of longer than six weeks. These include disability, chronic medical or mental health conditions, carer responsibilities, elite athletes or performers, defence reservists or emergency volunteers and cultural or religious observance.

The University welcomes, and is committed to supporting, people with disability. If you consider that you might need information, adjustments or other support with a disability, you are strongly encouraged to register for ongoing support at the earliest opportunity. This will help to ensure that measures to support your academic success in the JD are identified as early as possible and that due consideration is given to the making of reasonable adjustments, including by way of an Academic Adjustment Plan. At an appropriate point in the process, it is usually beneficial to involve relevant student support staff and, where appropriate, academic staff at MLS in designing a plan for your needs, and you are strongly encouraged to consider doing so.

If you may be eligible, you should register for ongoing support as soon as possible, and in advance of commencing your JD subjects. This will enhance your academic experience and help to ensure that reasonable supports are available to you when you need them. In particular, you should ensure that you have registered before the start of Legal Method and Reasoning if you expect to need any adjustments in that subject. Your teachers may need to know before classes begin if there is any need to ensure that any teaching and learning materials and aids are in an accessible format. Deadlines do apply, see registering for ongoing support for more information.

If you register for ongoing support, we strongly advise that you should also consider seeking individual course planning advice from MLS Assistant Dean – Teaching & Learning, Associate Professor Judith Marychurch to work through the best study load for your individual circumstances. Judith will be able to advise on the best sequencing for your compulsory subjects if you need a reduced study load.


The Melbourne JD orientation will be held 2-3 February 2023. More information will be provided.

Subject materials

Electronic subject materials will be provided for most JD subjects. It is anticipated that these will be available approximately four weeks prior to the commencement of classes. You will be notified via your University email account when subject materials are available via the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) subject page.

Some JD subjects require the purchase of a textbook. The subject handbook entry will confirm if you must purchase a textbook/s for the subject. In some instances the University has purchased an ebook license for textbooks, enabling students to access their textbooks for free via the library catalogue. Note that the licenses may be limited (ie only allow for three concurrent users).

Please ensure you check the relevant subject page on the Canvas LMS prior to the commencement of each subject for any special requirements, and other important information.

Additional information

See information for current students for additional information.

Frequently asked questions about your offer

  • When do I need to accept and enrol in the JD?

    You need to accept your place, complete your enrolment in the course and enrol in Legal Method and Reasoning by 14 December 2022. However, we recommend that you accept your offer and enrol in subjects as soon as you can so that you can be ready to register for your Legal Method and Reasoning classes.

    If you have a conditional offer, you need to accept your offer by 8 December 2022 so we can hold your place for you. Once you’ve met your offer conditions, you will be able to log in and enrol in subjects.

  • When do I need to accept my offer by?

    All applicants who receive an offer in November must accept online by 8 December 2022.

    Applicants with a conditional offer must provide documentation to meet their offer condition(s) by 9 January 2023. You will receive an unconditional offer once your documentation has been checked. University of Melbourne students whose offer is conditional upon completing their undergraduate degree can upload a Statement of Results to show their degree has a status of "passed".

    Students from other institutions must provide a final, official transcript stating their undergraduate degree is complete.

  • When do I need to enrol in the JD?

    You need to complete your admission into the course and enrol in Legal Method and Reasoning by 8 December 2022. However, we recommend that you accept your offer and enrol in other subjects as soon as you can so that you can be ready to register for your Semester 1 classes from 10 January 2023.

  • I can’t accept my offer. Can you help?

    Please contact Stop 1 where a staff member would be able to assist.

  • I am completing summer subjects. What if I can’t meet my offer conditions in December?

    To qualify for a provisional enrolment, you need to:

    1. Complete any teaching component for any summer subjects before the start of our course on 6 February 2023 and
    2. Be able to show evidence of completing your course by 31 March 2023 to remain enrolled in the JD.

    If you are able to assure us that you can meet both requirements above, please contact us so we can arrange your provisional enrolment. Please note that we cannot organise a provisional enrolment for students applying for a student visa.

  • Am I able to extend my offer acceptance deadline?

    No. Due to the high level of interest in our 2023 intake, we need to know by the acceptance deadline (8 December 2022) if you are likely to take up your place. Your offer lapses (considered declined) if you do not respond by the deadline. We will have a subsequent round of offers for any places not taken up in our earlier round.

    If you would like to reserve your place, please accept your offer at Get Started at Melbourne. You can do this even if you are yet to meet your offer conditions.

  • What if someone does not take up their CSP or Bursary? Will there be more offered?

    The offer acceptance deadline is 8 December 2022. We may have a subsequent round of offers for Commonwealth Supported Places, bursaries and scholarships not taken up by that deadline. All applicants who did not get an unsuccessful outcome will automatically be considered. This may include those who have declined their prior offer if their offer fee type has changed.

    You do not need to do anything to be considered in a later round and we will not be accepting Semester 2 results. Only applicants whose outcomes have changed will be notified before 21 December 2022.

  • If I’m offered a place this year, can I defer my place?

    We will not be approving any deferral applications this year for the standard 2023 entry.

    Students who meet the entry requirements through the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship Program and those with a fee place guarantee will be able to defer.

  • I applied for Advanced Standing (credit) for prior graduate law studies, when will I find out the outcome?

    If you applied for Advanced Standing (credit) at time of application, we will notify all applicants of outcome by the end of January 2023.

  • When will classes start?

    Monday 6 February 2023 with the summer intensive Legal Method and Reasoning.

  • When will orientation take place?

    2-3 February 2023.