Student Cards and Law Students' Study Area

The Law Students' Study Area is for the exclusive use of Melbourne Law School students studying either the Melbourne JD, Melbourne Law Masters or Graduate Research degrees. The area is located on level three of the Law Building and requires swipe card access using your student card.

Student card

Order a student card

Visit Ask.unimelb for more information on:

  • CaptureME troubleshooting
  • Lost/stolen student cards
  • Expired student cards

Access to Law Students' Study Area

Opening hours

Access for JD and Melbourne Law Masters students

Students will be granted a standard access level based on their course. Access will remain unchanged until the course ends.

Access for Non-Award students

Non-Award students are defined as Exchange, Study Abroad, Cross-institutional or CAP students who are completing a graduate level law subject (LAWS5####, LAWS7####, or LAWS9####).

Non-Award students enrolling in a graduate level subject should receive information in their offer letter/welcome pack advising how to request access.

Access for Graduate Research students

MPhil or PhD students should submit a request for access.

Undergraduate students

Access will not be granted to students enrolled in only undergraduate subjects (BLAW or LAWS at Levels 1, 2 and 3). This includes students undertaking a bachelor degree, exchange study, study abroad, cross-institutional study or single subject study via CAP.

"I should have access, but I still can't enter?"

Students should ensure:

  1. That their student card has not expired. Expired cards will need to be replaced.
  2. That their students card is functioning correctly. To check this, you will need to test your card against a card reader (eg at the main entrance door of a building)
    • If the card reader beeps, this means your student card is functional.
    • If there is no beep, your student card is faulty and will need to be replaced.
  3. If the area is open, your card is valid and working, and you should have access but still don't - you will need to submit a request for access to ensure your card has been configured correctly.
  4. Committee  members of the MLS Journal and Law Student Societies should visit the MLS Student Association LMS Community for additional access details.

Additional study spaces

All Melbourne Law School students will have access to the Law Library and the Level 5 study area:

Space name
Level 5 study area (includes syndicate rooms available for booking)
Level 5, Melbourne Law School building
Opening Hours
Weekdays: 7.30am–10pm
Weekends: Closed
University holidays: 10am–6pm

All students also have access to study spaces in other libraries and buildings. These have variable opening hours depending on the building and the time of year:

Note: All access is subject to the building's opening hours. Ensure you check opening hours as access is not allowed outside of these times.

Requests for access to other Melbourne Law School locations or extended access outside of opening hours, will not be granted.