International Legal Internship

International Legal Internship allows students to undertake a public interest internship that provides the opportunity to engage with legal and policy issues in contemporary society through work experience while obtaining subject credit.


The aim of International Legal Internship is to provide students with the opportunity to undertake advanced legal research and analysis at a public interest / not for profit international institution or organisation that complements and deepens their coursework learning. This subject is focused on providing students with an opportunity to engage with legal and policy issues in contemporary society through work experience and further develop their legal skills.

Internships as part of the International Legal Internship subject are vocational placements at an international public interest organisation. International Legal Internships are organised independently by students with the host organisations, and all internships approved by Melbourne Law School are unpaid.

Where can I go?

Internships can be hosted by any public interest organisation outside Australia that will facilitate the student undertaking legally-oriented work, including United Nations agencies, international regulatory and statutory bodies, international courts and tribunals, and non-government or not-for-profit organisations. Some examples of international public interest organisations where Melbourne Law School Masters students have recently interned include:

  • The European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights, Berlin
  • British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London
  • International Bar Association, The Hague
  • United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, New York
  • United Nations Development Programme, Bangkok
  • Civil Aviation Authority, London
  • International Arbitration Centre, Hong Kong
  • Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, Sejong-si
  • British Red Cross, London

British Institute of International and Comparative Law Internship

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) is one of the world’s leading independent research centres for international and comparative law, promoting the rule of law in national and international affairs. A unique opportunity exists for Melbourne Law School students to undertake an internship assisting Associate Senior Research Fellow in Public International Law, Dr Jean-Pierre Gauci, on a BIICL international law research project.

This internship is generally available twice yearly, over at least two months (full time), however longer part-time internships may be considered. Successful applicants may be eligible to obtain subject credit.

Up to three internships will be available at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law between Summer 2023 and Winter 2023.

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Sangeetha Yogendran

Working in law in East Jerusalem

Sangeetha Yogendran spent three months at the Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Resource Centre.

It was an invaluable experience because as a student and practitioner of international human rights and humanitarian law, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict always seemed so complicated to the point of being difficult to even begin to understand. Sangeetha Yogendran, Master of Public and International Law

Read more about Sangeetha's experience


Students are able to apply for Melbourne Law School Mobility Funding to assist with the cost of their internship.

Further information

To undertake the international internship subject, you should meet with a Subject Coordinator or Work Integrated Learning to discuss any queries you may have.

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