Accept your Offer and Get Started

Alongside Get Started at Melbourne which contains all the information you need to begin your course, the details below provide additional information relevant to the Melbourne Law Masters program.

Accept your offer

Accept your Offer and Get Started

Defer your offer

You may defer your course commencement for up to 12 months.

Course duration

You can undertake your course full-time or part-time. The maximum course duration is four (4) years for masters degrees and three (3) years for graduate diplomas.

Enrolling in subjects

Subject selection

All subjects in the Melbourne Law Masters program are quota subjects. This means that there are a limited number of places available in each class. Subjects for 2019 are filling fast and we encourage you to enrol as soon as possible after you accept your offer of a place in the course.

Note: Students will need to be enrolled in a minimum of one subject per half-year period (Jan–June and Jul–Dec). If you are not enrolled in one subject per half-year period, you will be un-enrolled from your degree and will need to apply for re-instatement (students will also be liable to pay associated administrative fees for re-instatement).

If you encounter any difficulties enrolling in subjects, please contact the Academic Support Office via

Class registration

Melbourne Law Masters subjects are almost all single sitting classes (there is no choice of class time). For these subjects, you will be automatically registered for class. Semester-length offerings of Fundamentals of the Common Law (LAWS70217) occasionally have a choice of classes.

Travel Arrangements

If you are enrolled in any MLM subject and you need to travel to Melbourne for teaching seminars you are advised to organise flexible travel and accommodation bookings. You are encouraged to book your flexible travel and accommodation as close as possible to the scheduled teaching dates.

Next steps

Student email

Your student email account is the primary method of communication from the University. Failure to use your student email account may result in missing out on important enrolment information and deadlines, notifications regarding availability of subject materials, assessment details, etc. It is possible to forward your student email account to an existing email account to eliminate the need to check a separate account.

LMS and library databases

You will also use the username and password from your student account to access other online resources via the LMS (Learning Management System), such as reading guides, class notes, examinations and library databases.

Subject materials

Reference materials will be provided for each subject you are enrolled in. It is anticipated that these will be available approximately four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of classes in either hard copy or online via the LMS. You will be notified via your University email account when subject materials are available.


Your username and password are also necessary to use the UniWireless wireless network.


The Melbourne Law Masters provides a range of opportunities for orientation of new students, tailored to their different needs.

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