Prerequisites and Recommended Requirements

Many subjects have prerequisites or recommended requirements that can be met by completion of appropriate subjects or equivalent relevant work experience or prior study.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that any subject prerequisites and course requirements are met. Students seeking a waiver of a prerequisite or who need to demonstrate having met a subject prerequisite, should contact with the following information:

  • Name and student ID number
  • The name and number of the subject for which the prerequisite has not been met
  • If there are multiple prerequisites please specify the appropriate prerequisite
  • Reasons for wishing to undertake the subject without the prerequisite(s)
  • Grounds for application and details of any relevant work experience and/or relevant studies undertaken in support of this (attach supporting documentation, eg academic transcripts/letter from employer).

If granted a prerequisite waiver, you will then be enrolled in the subject.

Prerequisite waivers will be considered based on the likelihood of the applicant's ability to successfully undertake and complete the proposed subject. This will be assessed on past academic performance and previous study and/or experience.

Not complying with course and subject requirements does not constitute grounds for any form of special consideration or special assessment.