Course Transfers and Early Exit Awards

About Course Transfers

It is possible for students to transfer between a related degree and diploma depending on subject choice, previous qualifications and grades obtained. A related course is one in the same specialist area or the Master of Laws (LLM). Students wanting to transfer from a Masters to a related Graduate Diploma or Graduate Diploma of Legal Studies may apply for an Early Exit Award.

Students transferring between courses may only do so once, and must usually apply with a minimum of 25 points (two subjects) still required to complete their course, with the following exceptions:

From a Masters to a related Masters

Students may apply to transfer from one Masters course to another may only do so once. For example, from a Master of Environmental Law (MEnvLaw) to a Master of Laws (LLM). Students must ensure that the subjects they have completed in their current course will be credited to their new course. Please check the University Handbook for the course requirements before applying to transfer courses.

From a Graduate Diploma to a related Masters

Students may apply once they have completed the requirements of their Graduate Diploma, this is particularly important if the Graduate Diploma is used to meet the selection criteria for the Masters.

Note for Graduate Diploma students who are transferring to a Masters and don’t have a law degree from a common law jurisdiction:

If you have already completed the two day overview subject Australian Legal Process and Legal Institutions you may apply for an exemption for Fundamentals of the Common Law (LAWS70217) due to similar content. To be eligible to apply for this exemption, you must have final results in at least three out of the four subjects required for your Graduate Diploma. Applications are assessed on a case by case basis. To apply, email

How does transferring work?

The course a student transfers from is discontinued. The student is then usually offered a place in the new course and requested to accept the offer. Approved subjects undertaken within the old course are credited as exempt advanced standing to the new course. Students must complete the enrolment requirements for newly enrolled students.

How will it affect my fees?

By transferring courses a candidate's enrolment in the new course is treated as a new enrolment. Candidates therefore come under the fee structure for the current year.

For further information, students should refer to tuition fees at the University.

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Early Exit Awards

From a Masters to a related Graduate Diploma or Graduate Diploma of Legal Studies

Students may apply once they have completed four subjects.

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