Cross-Institutional Study

Note: Cross-institutional study is not available to Graduate Diploma students.


If you are interested in undertaking a subject that isn’t offered at the University of Melbourne, it may be possible for you to complete this subject at another university and have it count toward your current degree. This is known as Cross-Institutional Study.

To undertake Cross-Institutional Study, the subject you choose must be directly related to your study and be appropriate to your qualification. Approval will not be given if you want to take a subject that is closely equivalent to a University of Melbourne subject, unless exceptional reasons exist (for example an unplanned, short-term work transfer interstate).


To be eligible to apply for cross-institutional study, applicants are required to:

  • Have completed at least two subjects (25 points) in a Melbourne Law Masters course
  • Have maintained a strong academic record (65% average)
  • Have sound academic reason for enrolling in the subject

In granting permission, the Assistant Dean will take into account:

  • Whether the subject (or similar subject) is offered in the Melbourne program or, exceptionally, where the candidate is unable to take the Melbourne subject for personal reasons
  • Whether the subject complements the candidate's course of study
  • Whether the standard of the subject is of comparable quality

To be of comparable quality a subject must meet the following threshold requirements:

  • Subject content must be of an equivalent standard
  • Assessment requirements must be equivalent
  • The subject must have an equivalent number of contact hours (please note online and distance education subjects will not be approved)
  • The subject must be taught at an equivalent level (undergraduate subjects and graduate subjects taught at both undergraduate and graduate level will not be approved, even where the assessment requirements differ for graduate and undergraduate students).


If you are a FEE-HELP student at the University of Melbourne, you will be eligible to undertake any complementary subjects under FEE-HELP (subject to your FEE-HELP limit). Note that you will be required to complete a second FEE-HELP application form for the other institution.

How to apply for Cross-Institutional Study

  1. Gather supporting documents

    • Ensure you have an official description of the subject you wish to take. For example, a screen shot of a handbook entry of the subject(s).
    • Provide a statement explaining your reasons to request cross-institutional study.
  2. Seek academic approval

    Once they have satisfied all requirements, Masters candidates may seek permission from the Assistant Dean, Teaching and Learning, to take one graduate subject from another Law School.

  3. Submit a Cross-Institutional Enrolment Application

    Apply to undertake Cross-Institutional Study

  4. Submit your supporting documents via ask.unimelb

    On the "Ask us" tab of, in the Current students category, select "Submit an Enquiry"

    • Label your enquiry as "[Student number] - Cross institutional outgoing application - Supporting document"
    • Include supporting documents as outlined in Steps 1 and 2