Leave of Absence

All students must take a minimum of one subject per semester.

If you do not intend to take a subject, or have to withdraw from your only enrolled subject for the semester, you must apply for leave of absence via my.unimelb.

Students are entitled to up to twelve months (two semesters) leave of absence during their course. Additional leave may be possible in exceptional circumstances with supporting documentation (such as medical certificate, statutory declaration, letter from employer or other evidence). If you have already had twelve months leave you cannot apply for further leave via my.unimelb. Please contact the Academic Support Office via law-masters@unimelb.edu.au to apply for further leave. Please note that periods of leave count towards your maximum course duration which is three years for a Graduate Diploma and four years for a Masters.

Candidates on leave of absence should note they will not have access to University facilities (eg IT services and library borrowing rights) during periods of leave.

While on an approved leave of absence you are still considered to be enrolled in your course of study, even though you are not enrolled in subjects during your period of leave.

If you are on leave during Semester 1, you must ensure that you have enrolled in subjects for the second half year by the time you return from leave, or by the start of semester 2 at the latest. Alternatively you may apply for additional leave.

If you are on leave during Semester 2, you will be expected to re-enrol during the University's re-enrolment period (in October to December each year) for the upcoming year. Remember to check your student email during this time for re-enrolment notifications.

Further information on applying for leave of absence