Continuing Professional Development

Legal practitioners in most jurisdictions across Australia are required to undertake mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity in order to maintain their practising certificate.

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Melbourne Law Masters

Melbourne Law Masters subjects have been accredited by the Law Institutes of Victoria and New South Wales and the Victorian Bar and may also meet the requirements in other Australian states and territories and common law jurisdictions.

Practitioners who undertake a course or subject in the Melbourne Law Masters program that is relevant to their professional development and practice may be eligible to earn CPD points through their study.

Undertaking your CPD through the Melbourne Law Masters gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills as a legal practitioner and improve the level of legal counsel you provide to your clients. It can also help you maintain a competitive edge in your area of practice and may assist those looking to move to a different area of practice.

Practitioners are advised to check with the CPD governing body in their jurisdiction for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Options include: