Commercial Law

The extensive subject offerings in commercial law allow students to tailor a program to complement their professional expertise and career pathway.

Lawyers and other professionals will deepen their understanding of many aspects of commercial law from both a domestic and international perspective. Subjects are available in areas as diverse as finance, competition law, dispute resolution, tax, intellectual property, construction, and energy and resources law. The quality of the commercial law specialisation is enhanced by the suite of subjects dealing with the core questions of private law that lie at the heart of commercial law.

The Commercial Law program at Melbourne is second to none in breadth and depth. Through a creative partnership between the profession and academic leaders in the field, Melbourne offers an extraordinary range of subjects at the cutting-edge of commercial law in Australia and internationally.

Commercial Law study options

Centre for Corporate Law

The Centre was established by The University of Melbourne in January 1996 in recognition of the growing importance of corporate law and corporate governance nationally and internationally and also in recognition of the strength of The University of Melbourne in these areas.

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