Dispute Resolution

The specialisation in dispute resolution works from the principles that underpin dispute resolution and management.

The subjects examine how these principles inform the theoretical and practical aspects of this rapidly changing area of law. This course is relevant to legal practitioners and will appeal to others working in the design, reform and practice of dispute resolution. Judges, legal practitioners and legal researchers teach a broad range of subjects spanning litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Responding to and resolving disputes is core business for lawyers. The subjects in this course will enable you to expand your skills and knowledge in this rapidly changing environment. The subjects are taught by eminent judges, practitioners and scholars from Australia and overseas.

Dispute Resolution study options

Obligations Group

The Obligations Group supports research on the law of contract, torts, unjust enrichment, equity and trusts, remedies and private law theory. The group provides a forum for discussion of these topics and interaction between academics, legal practitioners and students on issues of current interest.

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