Energy and Resources Law

Energy and resources are dominant in the Australian economy, and management of these resources presents formidable legal challenges for governments and private enterprise, at global, national and local levels.

Australia’s record in managing these resources is internationally recognised. Many foreign companies participate in exploration for and production of these resources in Australia while several Australian companies undertake these activities overseas as well as in Australia.

Melbourne Law School’s specialisation in energy and resources law allows lawyers and other professionals to gain understanding of and skills in statutory and contractual regimes governing exploration and production activities, sophisticated commercial transactions relating to these activities, project finance arrangements, regulatory controls upon exploration, production, transportation and marketing, and resolution of land-use and resources conflicts, drawing upon Australian experience acquired over many decades and applying it globally.

Subjects are taught by an outstanding group of academic and professional lawyers with a very wide range of expertise and experience gained in many parts of the world.

Energy and Resources Law study options

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