2023 Flos Greig Lecture in Law - 02.08.23

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'Women Making a Difference in the Law: Bridging a Gap Between Law and Life'

Presented by The Hon. Marilyn Warren AC KC

The 2023 Flos Greig Lecture in Law

The former Chief Justice of Victoria, The Hon. Marilyn Warren AC KC analysed how women have made a difference in the law, giving an overview of the paths of women as practitioners, academics, reformers, and jurists since 1903, the year Flos Greig graduated as the first woman in law in Victoria. The presentation will also look to what the future holds for women lawyers.

The Flos Greig Lecture is named after Grata Flos Matilda Greig, the first woman to be admitted to legal practice in Australia. Greig’s determination advanced gender equality in the legal profession in Australia in the early twentieth century, paving the way for other women to follow suit. Upon graduating from the Melbourne Law School in 1903, Greig undertook her articles with Frank Cornwall, later continuing her career with Cornwalls law firm.

We are delighted to have Cornwalls' involvement in this lecture series, recognising Greig’s pioneering spirit which transformed the bases of admission to the Australian legal profession. Our ambition is to establish this lecture in the long term through philanthropic support and gifts of any size are warmly appreciated.

The Hon. Marilyn Warren AC KC

The former Chief Justice of Victoria, The Hon. Marilyn Warren AC KC was Lieutenant Governor of Victoria, a judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria, a Queen’s Counsel, a barrister, and a government lawyer throughout her 50-year career in the law.

She was also the first woman appointed Chief Justice of Victoria, the first woman to head up the Commercial and Corporations Lists of a Supreme Court, and the first woman to serve articles of clerkship in the Victorian Public Service.