Visiting Scholars Program


The Melbourne Law School Visiting Scholar Program hosts academics from around Australia and overseas to undertake research and to participate in and enrich the research intensive and vibrant communal life of the Law School.

Wherever possible, visiting scholars are provided with a workspace, computer and library access. They are encouraged to participate in the academic life of the Law School including seminars and public lectures. Visiting scholars are not able to attend Law School classes unless they are formally enrolled.

Melbourne Law School is unable to facilitate visits by PhD students from other institutions.

Application process

Before submitting an application, please make contact with an MLS academic staff member to seek support for your visit. You can find staff via Find an Expert.

To apply for the Visiting Scholar Program, the following four documents need to be emailed to at least three months prior to your intended visit. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. A completed Visiting Scholar Application form
  2. A brief curriculum vitae that includes details of your academic employment, qualifications and publications.
  3. A one or two page proposal that outlines the research project, planned collaboration with Melbourne Law School staff and any other activities you intend to complete during the visit.
  4. A letter or email from a Melbourne Law School Academic staff member or Research Centre indicating agreement to host your visit.

Applications are accepted any time of the year. However, we recommend applications be submitted at least three months before you intend to visit.

The Visiting Scholar Program receives many applications from prospective visitors and unfortunately not all can be supported. Generally visits of up to three months are more likely to be accommodated, although in exceptional cases longer visits may be approved, particularly for visitors who will be working on joint projects with Melbourne Law School staff.

International visitors

International visitors will require a visa. It is the visiting scholar's responsibility to obtain an appropriate visa that allows them to undertake all the activities they plan to do while in Australia. Depending on the type of visa, processing times can take up to several months so it is important to lodge your Visiting Scholar Program application early.

For information about which visa you should apply for please refer to Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Border Protection or contact your nearest Australian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission office for advice.

International visitor applications (other than from New Zealand) cannot proceed until the Government position changes with possible future safe travel zones with similar COVID-19 community transmission rates as Australia expected. Up-to-date information on Australian Government travel restrictions is available from the Department of Home Affairs.