Associates and Teaching Associates

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The Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law and its members work regularly in collaboration with a wide network of scholars in the field of labour relations law around Australia and the world.

  • Associate Professor Susan Ainsworth, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Chris Arup, Monash University
  • Professor Michelle Brown, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor Cindy Estlund, New York University
  • Professor Keith Ewing, Kings College, University of London
  • Mr Colin Fenwick, International Labour Organization and Principal Fellow, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Anthony Forsyth, RMIT
  • Professor Mark Freedland, University of Oxford
  • Professor Judy Fudge, McMaster University, Canada
  • Professor Peter Gahan, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor Richard Johnstone, Queensland University of Technology
  • Professor Tim Lindsey, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Petra Mahy, Monash University
  • Professor Ronald McCallum, The University of Sydney
  • Ms Shelley Marshall, Monash University
  • Professor Richard Mitchell, Monash University
  • Associate Professor and Reader Jill Murray, LaTrobe University
  • Dr Richard Naughton, Monash University
  • Mr Anthony O'Donnell, LaTrobe University
  • Professor Graeme Orr, University of Queensland
  • Professor Rosemary Owens, University of Adelaide
  • Professor Marilyn Pittard, Monash University
  • Professor Ian Ramsay, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor Joellen Riley, The University of Sydney
  • Professor Andrew Stewart, University of Adelaide
  • Professor Katherine Stone, UCLA School of Law
  • Professor Leah Vosko, York University, Canada

Teaching Associates

The Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law draws on a network of colleagues in both legal practice and the academy who participate in the Centre's research and teaching programs.