The Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law was established in the Faculty of Law in 1994. Its broad aims are to consolidate the teaching of, and research into, labour and employment law at the University of Melbourne, to contribute to the development of labour and employment law teaching and research throughout Australia, and to engage with labour and employment law scholars throughout the world. Centre Members are responsible for teaching labour and employment law subjects in the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Faculty of Law, with the graduate program leading to both Masters Degrees and Graduate Diplomas specialising in labour and employment law.

Centre Members are engaged in research in diverse aspects of the broad field of employment and labour law and labour market regulation. Areas of particular interest and expertise include the regulation of individual work relationships, discrimination and inequality in employment and the labour market, the regulation of occupational health and safety, collective labour relations and bargaining, the functions of trade unions and alternative forms of worker representation, corporate governance and labour, enforcement of minimum employment standards, international labour rights and standards, and unemployment law and labour market policy. Centre members also have a strong interest in comparative labour and employment law and labour market regulation, including research into labour and employment regulation in the Asia-Pacific region, Southern Africa, North America and Europe.

The Centre also has a number of academic associates and teaching associates, both from within the Faculty of Melbourne Law School and from around Australia and the world.

The Centre's work is guided by an Advisory Board, whose members represent the legal profession, academia and key stakeholders in Australian labour relations law.

The Centre is fortunate to receive financial support from a number of law firms in Melbourne that act as its sponsors. The Centre publishes Working Papers and Monographs. To learn more about Centre publications, click here.


The Centre's objectives are as follows:

  • to undertake and encourage independent research on all aspects of labour and employment regulation in Australia and internationally;
  • to undertake and encourage critical research on the development of labour and employment law as a discipline, including the exploration of future developments;
  • to undertake and promote the teaching of labour and employment law, including by developing and promoting innovative teaching methods and teaching materials, and by fostering postgraduate research;
  • to disseminate the results of research in labour and employment law through publication in the form of working papers, journal articles, and books, and in the form of seminar programmes and conferences, participation in public debate, information exchange, and consultancies;
  • to establish and foster links with similar bodies, internationally and nationally, and to facilitate engagement between scholars, students, policymakers, the legal profession, industrial relations practitioners and other individuals and organisations working in labour and employment law.