American Kleptocracy: How to Categorise Trump and His Government

Electoral Regulation Research Network Seminar

Thursday 19 October 2017

About the Seminar:

The world seems to have settled into the new normal of a Trump presidency, but lessons remain to be learned and hidden dangers are still mounting. What legal and psychological conditions made Trump's presidency possible? What is the underlying logic and system of government behind Trump and his cabinet? How can domestic and international law respond? In this seminar, Associate Professor Timothy K. Kuhner will address issues of economic inequality, political inequality, Trump's conflicts of interest and the U.S. Supreme Court's overall theory of democracy. Assembling the pieces, Professor Kuhner will lay out the definition of kleptocracy and its global implications, and begin a conversation about how democracy can resist and overthrow this systemic form of corruption.

About the Speaker:

Timothy K. Kuhner, associate professor of law, is currently a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the University of Barcelona (Spain). He teaches courses on comparative law, foreign affairs, international law, human rights, campaign finance reform, and alternative dispute resolution. Kuhner’s scholarship focuses on campaign finance, corruption, and democratic theory.