The Electoral Regulation Research Network and Democratic Audit of Australia Working Paper Series

The Electoral Regulation Research Network was established in 2012 with the aim of fostering exchange and discussion amongst academics, electoral commissions and other interested groups on research relating to electoral regulation.

To this end, the Network together with the Democratic Audit of Australia will be publishing a series of working papers – often called 'discussion papers' – to help foster discussion about all aspects of electoral regulation. These working papers will be posted on the Network's website and circulated to members of the Network. They will also be posted on the Democratic Audit of Australia's website.

We welcome papers written on all aspects relating to electoral regulation from academics, electoral commission officials, parliamentarians, party officials and others interested in this field.

Submission guidelines

No. Working Paper

A Victorian's Response To The Discussion Paper: "Developing A Legislative Framework For A Complex And Dynamic Electoral Environment" By Maley and Orr

Liz Williams (Victorian Electoral Commission)
March 2020


The Role Of New Media In Increasing Youth Political Engagement

Dr Peter Chen (University of Sydney)
November 2019


Engaging Youth - Strategies For Creating Interested And Informed Voters

Dr Tracey Arklay and Dr Caitlin Mollica (Griffith University)
November 2019


Report On Proceedings From The Workshop On The Informed Voter: Improving The Political Literacy of Young Australians

Dr Tracey Arklay (Griffith University)
November 2019


The Right Answer Depends On Asking The Right Question

Mr Andrew Giles MP (Shadow Minister for Cities and Urban Infrastructure; Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs; Shadow Minister Assisting for Immigration and Citizenship; Member for Scullin)
November 2019


Observations From A Comparative Perspective

Leena Rikkila Tamang (International IDEA)
November 2019


Developing A Legislative Framework For A Complex And Dynamic Electoral Environment - Discussion Paper

Mr Michael Maley (Electoral Process Specialist, formerly Australian Electoral Commission) and Professor Graeme Orr (University of Queensland)
November 2019


Electoral Democracy in Australia: Crisis, Resilience and Renewal

Dr Tom Gerald Daley (Melbourne School of Government)
October 2019


Compulsory Voting in Australia Makes Governments More Representative of The People, But It Won't Work Everywhere

Professor Lisa Hill (University of Adelaide)
October 2019


Democracy Before Dollars: The Problems With Money in Australian Politics and How to Fix them

Professor Joo-Cheong Tham (University of Melbourne)
October 2019


Making India's Democracy Bigger and Better

Tanya Spisbah (Australia India Institute, Delhi)
October 2019


The Current Challenges to Electoral Democracy Go Beyond Good Election Administration

Leena Rikkila Tamang (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA))
October 2019


Transparency and Accountability in Political Funding

Shelly Mahajan and Maj. Gen. Anil Verma (Retd.) (Association for Democratic Reforms)
October 2019


Much Remains to Be Done to Make The World's Largest Democracy Also the Greatest

Dr S. Y. Quraishi (Ashoka University)
October 2019


India and Australia: Strengthening Electoral Democracy

Warwick Gately AM (Victorian Electoral Commissioner)
October 2019


Opening Remarks to the Workshop on the Future of Electoral Democracy in India and Australia

Harinder Sidhu (Australian High Commissioner to India and Ambassador to Bhutan)
October 2019


Measurement Tools for Comparative Political Finance: Excessive Reductionism or Valuable Simplicity?

William C.R. Horncastle (University of Birmingham)
May 2019


Campaigns and Regulation: One Hundred Years On

Dr. Stephen Mills (University of Sydney)
February 2019


Electoral Inclusion Among South Australian People Experiencing Homelessness: The Work Ahead

Professor Lisa Hill (University of Adelaide) and Dr Jonathan Louth (Flinders University)
December 2018


Resources for a Future: Towards an Articulation of Global Governance (Review Essay)

Dr John R. Morss (Deakin University)
October 2018 


Reference Document: Literature on Authoritarianism

Peter E. Mulherin (Deakin University)
October 2018 


Background Paper on Authoritarianism and Religion

Matthew O'Rourke (Monash University)
October 2018 


A Synopsis on the Deakin Workshop on Authoritarianism

Dr. Zim Nwokora (Deakin University)
September 2018 


175 years of Voting: The 175th Anniversary of the First Parliamentary Election of 1843

Sean Darragh (New South Wales Electoral Commission)
August 2018


The High Court and the AEC

Tom Rogers (Electoral Commissioner, Australian Electoral Commission)
January 2018


Between Law and Convention: Ministerial Advisers in the Australian System  of Responsible Government

Dr Yee-Fui Ng
August 2017


The Law of Deliberative Democracy: Deliberating in a Crisis

Dr Ron Levy (Senior Lecturer in Law, ANU)
December 2016


Political Donations and Safeguards Code

Neil A. Freestone (Solicitor)
August 2016


Funding of Political Parties and Election Campaigns in the Maldives

Aminath Sweiza Naeem (Student, University of Melbourne)
June 2016


A Framework Convention Against Political Corruption

James D. Cooper (Student, University of Melbourne)
June 2016


An Instance of Cartel Behaviour? The Politics of Senate Electoral Reform 2016

Dr Nick Economou (Monash University)
April 2016


Prohibiting Corporate Felon Political Spending: Is It Possible?

Sheldon Oski (Student, Melbourne Law School)
April 2016


Electoral Fairness in South Australia

Sasha Lynch (Student, University of Adelaide)
March 2016


Alternative Voting Plus: A Proposal for the South Australian House of Assembly

Daniel Messemaker (BA (Hons) Student, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Adelaide)
March 2016


The Regulation of Lobbying in New South Wales

Mel Keenan (Principal Legal Officer, NSW Electoral Commission)
March 2016


Electoral Integrity and The AEC

Tom Rogers (Electoral Commissioner, Australian Electoral Commission)
February 2016


Electoral Rights, Parliament and the Courts: The Case of Prisoner Voting in New Zealand

Andrew Geddis (Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Otago)
February 2016


Implications of Change in Electoral Campaign Finance Laws in NSW

Felicity Wright (Senior Advisor, Regulatory Advice and Analysis, NSW Electoral Commission)
February 2016


Campaigning and Regulation: Time for Change?

Warwick Gately AM (Electoral Commissioner of Victoria)
February 2016


Who Votes Early in Victoria? Assessing the Demographic Correlates of Early Voting in Person at Victorian State Elections, 2006 to 2014

Nathaniel Reader (Swinburne Institute for Social Research)
August 2015


For Compulsory Voting

Lisa Hill (University of Adelaide)
March 2015


Professionalisation: Of What, Since When ,and By Whom

Stephen Mills (Graduate School of Government, University of Sydney)
October 2014


Postals and Personation in the United Kingdom

Brian Costar (Swinburne Institute for Social Research)
October 2014


Enhancing Local Government Democracy: City of Melbourne

Ken Coghill (Monash), Yee-Fui Ng (Monash) and Paul Thornton-Smith (Victorian Electoral Commission)
September 2014


Polling Officials: The Strength and Weakness of Democratic Systems

Ed Killesteyn (Australian Electoral Commissioner, 2009 – 2014)
September 2014


Victorian Local Government Electoral Review

Petro Georgiou AO (Chair of the Local Government Electoral Review Panel (Victoria) and Former Member for Kooyong)
April 2014


The Application of Strict Liability to NSW Funding and Disclosure Offences

Alison Byrne (Principal Legal Officer, NSW Electoral Commission)
February 2014


The Right to Vote and the Bill of Rights Debate

Emeritus Professor Colin Hughes (University of Queensland)
November 2013


High Court Challenges and the Limits of Political Finance Law

Professor George Williams (Anthony Mason Professor, Scientia Professor, Foundation - Director Gilbert+Tobin Centre of Public Law, University of New South Wales)
November 2013


2013 Redivision of Victorian Electoral Boundaries

Dr Paul Thornton-­Smith (Secretary, Electoral Boundaries Commission)
November 2013


Deliberative Democracy and Electoral Management Bodies: The Case of Australian Electoral Commissions

Associate Professor Joo-Cheong Tham (Director, Electoral Regulation Research Network, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne)
November 2013


Campaign Professionalisation: Levelling the Playing Field or Tipping the Scales?

Jennifer Rayner (Centre for the Study of Australian Politics, Australian National University)
November 2013


Private Association and Public Brand: The Dualistic Conception of Political Parties in the Common Law World

Professor Graeme Orr (Professor of Law, University of Queensland, Australia)
November 2013


Party Professionalisation: Electoral Regulation and National Party Officials

Dr Stephen Mills (Graduate School of Government, University of Sydney)
November 2013


Optional Preferential Voting for the Australian Senate

Michael Maley (Associate, Centre for Democratic Institutions, Australian National University)
November 2013


The Law of Deliberative Democracy: Seeding the Field

Dr Ron Levy (Lecturer, Griffith University)
November 2013


New Developments in Political Speech Case Law

Professor Katharine Gelber (Professor of Politics and Public Policy, and an ARC Future Fellow (2012-­?2016), in the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland)
November 2013


New Zealand's Ill-Fated Review of MMP

Professor Andrew Geddis (Faculty of Law, University of Otago)
November 2013


Australian Political Finance Law in International Perspective

Andrew Ellis (Director for Asia and the Pacific, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance)
November 2013


From Opinion to Ownership: OurSay and What the Citizens' Agenda Can Teach Us About Enagagement and Elections

Eyal Halamish (Co-Founder and CEO, OurSay)
November 2013


Reform Options for the South Australian Legislative Council

Antony Green (Australian Broadcasting Association)
November 2013


Fairness and Equality in Electoral Distributions

Jenni Newton-Farrelly (Electoral Specialist, South Australian Parliament Research Library)
November 2013


Political Funding and Disclosure Schemes: Approaches to Compliance and Enforcement

Bradley Edgman (Australian Electoral Commission)
November 2013

7 Letting the People Decide: Local Government, Gay Marriage and the Politics of Referendums

Professor George Williams (Anthony Mason Professor, Scientia Professor, Foundation Director ? Gilbert+Tobin Centre of Public Law, University of New South Wales)
June 2013


Fair Enough? Redistributions in Australia

Jenni Newton-Farrelly (Electoral Specialist, South Australian Parliament Research Library)
April 2013


Ministerial Advisers: Influences on the Executive and Accountability Mechanisms

Yee-Fui Ng (Sessional Lecturer and PhD Candidate, Monash University Law School)
October 2012


The Fairness Clause in South Australia

Jenni Newton-Farrelly (Electoral Specialist, South Australian Parliament Research Library)
October 2012


Issues for Electoral Regulators

Dean Jaensch AO (formerly Professor of Politics, Flinders University)
October 2012


Research and Electoral Regulation

Jane Peace (Northern Territory Electoral Commission)
October 2012


The Victorian Independent Broad-­based Anti-­Corruption Commission (IBAC): A Toothless Tiger?

The Hon. T.H. Smith QC (Adjunct Professor, Monash University, Department of Management, Faculty of Business and Economics, and Chair of the Accountability Round Table)
August 2012