The Melbourne Centre for Commercial Law (MCCL) is a new research centre in the Melbourne Law School that draws together outstanding work in a range of fields of commercial law, policy and regulation.

The Centre brings together leading experts in the Law School in key research areas of corporate law and regulation; taxation law and policy; construction law; commercial arbitration; financial regulation; and other areas of commercial, economic and finance law. This may include (but is not limited to) competition law, global economic law, not for profit law, and other suitable topics.

The Centre’s main purpose is to be recognised as a leading Centre of expertise in Research Programs and the broad field of commercial law, policy and regulation.

  • Build and support an excellent MLS research community
  • Build collaboration across the Research Programs and other relevant topic areas in research, engagement and teaching at MLS
  • Engage with professional and governmental organisations in the areas of commercial law, policy and regulation.
  • Link the research of the Centre and specialist programs to support innovation