International Criminal Court

Outline of the organisation

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an independent, permanent court that tries persons accused of the most serious crimes of international concern, namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, based in The Hague. The ICC is a court of last resort. This means it will not act if a case is investigated or prosecuted by a national judicial system unless the national proceedings are not genuine, for example if formal proceedings were undertaken solely to shield a person from criminal responsibility. In addition, the ICC only tries those accused of the gravest crimes. In all of its activities, the ICC observes the highest standards of fairness and due process. The jurisdiction and functioning of the ICC are governed by the Rome Statute.

Positions available

The ICC offers two programs: the Internship Programme and the Visiting Professional Programme. Neither of these two programmes is paid; however, the ICC has some funds made available to it that are granted to those deemed most in need of financial assistance in order to participate in the programmes.

(1) Internship Placement

The ICC offers internships to highly motivated young professionals with good academic qualifications who are in the early stages of their careers. The Internship is a practical educational experience whereby interns principally assist ICC staff in discharging their duties. Under supervision, interns are assigned projects and tasks that are relevant to their educational background and interests and provide them with the opportunity to put into practice and further develop their theoretical knowledge. Internships last between three and six months.

Further information is available here.

(2) Visiting Professionals Placements

Visiting professional placements are offered to candidates who have extensive academic and/or professional expertise in an area of work relevant to or related to the ICC. Visiting professionals will usually be assigned to a range of tasks or specific projects in a capacity which will both draw upon and augment the specific knowledge or skills of the individual. Visiting Professionals will collaborate with professional officers and undertake their own projects in consultation with the staff of the Organ to which they elect to be appointed. Visiting professional placements last between one and six months.

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The ICC seeks candidates with very good academic qualifications and, in the case of Visiting Professionals, relevant professional experience and expertise, with a commitment to positively contributing to the achievement of the aims of the Programme.

Key requirements of the programmes include:

  • Interns and Visiting Professionals do not seek gainful employment in The Netherlands while they are participating in the Internship and Visiting Professional Programme;
  • Interns are expected to be available to work full time for a period of between three and six months; Visiting Professionals for between one and three months. Internship placements shall not be extended beyond six months.

Further information is available here.