International Development Law Organization

Outline of the organisation

The International Development Law Organization (IDLO) is an inter-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting the rule of law. Governments, multilateral organisations, private foundations and the private sector support its work. IDLO is headquartered in Rome but is also present in The Hague, a city whose hospitality connects the organisation with an unrivalled legal tradition. IDLO is also represented at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, where it helps shape the debate about human rights and development.

IDLO enables countries to design, reform and strengthen those laws and institutions most apt to deliver justice, dignity and economic opportunity. It does not champion law for law’s sake: if IDLO promotes well-functioning courts, it also strives to make them accessible. IDLO believes that helping draft a national Constitution means giving a voice to the rural widow. The same emphasis on the end-user informs IDLO’s record on commercial law, intellectual property law, environmental law, and every other area of law, national or international.

Positions available

The IDLO Internship Program is open to applicants from all over the world who are interested in IDLO's activities. Internship vacancies are listed here.

Internships last an average of three months and will not exceed six months.


Applicants must have a strong command of both written and spoken English and/or French.