This e-guide aims to assist students in considering careers in Australia, regional and international institutions, non-governmental organisations and international law firms, and in organising internships.

The e-guide introduces employment opportunities available in international institutions, non-governmental organisations and international law firms. Each section contains a brief outline provided by each institution, as well as any available details about employment opportunities with that body. The requirements for internships, volunteer positions and ongoing employment vary considerably between each of these organisations, and if you are considering applying for work at one of them it is advisable to check the employment section of their website regularly for updated information. Students applying for internships in the United States should note that the United States has legal guidelines for interns under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Many other international institutions, non-governmental organisations and law firms are not included in this guide. The Global Careers Guidebook produced by the University of Melbourne Global Law Students Association is an additional source of information about international legal careers, as is the International Careers Guide of the Australian Law Students’ Association.

Additionally, you may like to browse the following international job/internship websites:

This e-guide has been prepared with input from Elizabeth Sheargold, Thijs de Jong, Anna Hood, Rebecca Hughes, Jane Kluske, Rudi Kruse, Saba Mollaian, Jessica Rae, Isabel Trinca and Devon Whittle and Leda Tyrrel.