United Nations Volunteers

Outline of the organisation

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) is based in Bonn, Germany. UNV has a staff of around 150 at headquarters, and almost 7,000 volunteers deployed in the field. UNV also has an Office in New York, four Regional Offices in Bangkok, Dakar, Nairobi and Panama City that develop regional interventions to advance peace and development, and around 80 Field Units that represent the organisation at the country level.

Positions available

UNK seeks highly-skilled women and men with professional experience and academic qualifications or training, who are willing to contribute their time and expertise as international UN Volunteers, outside their own country. In addition to professional skills and qualifications, important attributes of a UN Volunteer include a commitment to volunteerism and the United Nations principles of ethics and integrity. Furthermore, a UN Volunteer needs to demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, emotional stability, cultural sensitivity, as well as a positive attitude towards change.

To become a UNV volunteer, applicants should fulfil the following minimum Requirements

  • A university degree or higher technical diplomas;
  • a minimum of two years of relevant working experience;
  • at least age 25 (no maximum age limit);
  • good working knowledge in at least one of the three working UN languages: English, French and Spanish;
  • strong commitment to values and principles of volunteerism;
  • ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;
  • ability to adjust in difficult living conditions;
  • strong interpersonal and organisational skills; and
  • prior volunteer and/or work experience in a developing country is an asset.