Past Events


27 June: The Ethics of Care in Nepali Citizenship-Equality Activism (Refugees, Citizenship & Statelessness: Asia in Focus Seminar Series)

Deirdre Brennan.  View event recording

8 June: Launch of "Redefining Ceasefires: Wartime Order & Statebuilding in Syria" by Marika Sosnowski

Dr Marika Sosnowski, Prof. Michelle Foster, Dr Sarah Phillips, Dr Marnie Lloyd, Rifaie Tammas

1 June: Citizens and Migrants in Assam: Law, Bureaucracy and Indirect Discrimination against Women (Refugees, Citizenship & Statelessness: Asia in Focus Seminar Series)

Saika Sabir  

11 May:  Launch of "Cruel Care: A History of Children At Our Borders" by Jordana Silverstein. Event Co-hosted by Melbourne University Publishing. (Event held at Brunswick Bound Books)

Dr Jordana Silverstein, Prof. Michelle Foster & Joan Nestle  

4 May:  Registration without recognition: implications of biometric registration on stateless refugees (Refugees, Citizenship & Statelessness: Asia in Focus Seminar Series)

Dr Ashraful Azad  

27 April:  Launch of Getting My Dignity Back: A Report into Behind the Wire

Authors Sarah Strauven, Jordana Silverstein and Karen Block, with Behind the Wire's Michael Green & Andre Dao.  View event recording

21 April:  Displacement and Protection: Global Challenges' Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees speaks at Melbourne Law School

Filippo Grandi with Erika Feller AO (moderator)  View event recording

4 April:  (Un)Credible Citizen: Citizenship Dispossession and the Politics of the Rule of Law in India (Refugees, Citizenship & Statelessness: Asia in Focus Seminar Series)

Dr Mohsin Alam Bhat  View event recording


22 November:  Refugee Markets  (Refugees, Citizenship & Statelessness: Asia in Focus Seminar Series)

Prof. Neha Jain  View event recording

17 October:  Living Stateless: In Conversation with Fadi Chalouhy  (The inaugural Hiam Chalouhy ‘Living Stateless’ lecture)

Fadi Chalouhy, Katie Robertson

25 August:  Mass Atrocities and Statelessness: Under-explored Connections? (Refugees, Citizenship & Statelessness: Asia in Focus Seminar Series)

Dr Priya Pillai  View event recording

4 August: Technological Approaches to Identity Preservation of the Stateless  (Refugees, Citizenship & Statelessness: Asia in Focus Seminar Series)

Saqib Sheikh  View event recording

30 June:  On the Political Economy of Ethnic Violence and Statelessness (Refugees, Citizenship & Statelessness: Asia in Focus Seminar Series)

Prof. Mohammed Shahabuddin  View event recording

6 June: The Future of Nationality in the Pacific Launch Event

Launched by the Pacific Resilience Partnership Technical Working Group on Human Mobility, featuring PMCS Director Prof. Michelle Foster; Prof. Jane McAdam AO (Kaldor Centre, UNSW) and Prof. Helene Lambert on the expert panel. View event recording

11 May: The Struggle for Identity in Exile: Refugee Protection Challenges in India (Refugees, Citizenship & Statelessness: Asia in Focus Seminar Series)

Roshni Shanker


17 October: Perpetual Strangerhood: Experiences of Highly Skilled African-Australian Professionals in the Workplace

Dr Kathomi Gatwiri (View event recording)

16 September:  60 years on -  The 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness

Co-hosted by the Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness and the UNHCR.  (View event recording)

9 September: The Role of Multicultural and Settlement Services in Supporting Women Experiencing Violence

A/Prof Cathy Vaughan and Dr Adele Murdolo (View event recording)

26 August: Citizenship Constellations in Syria

Dr Marika Sosnowski (View event recording)

24 Jun: ‘We don’t want to give away how you hack the system’: An Emotional History of the Department of Immigration and Child Refugees

Dr Jordy Silverstein (View event recording)

27 May: Seeking Refuge in Fortress Europe: Zoe Holman in Conversation with Michelle Foster

Dr Zoe Holman & Professor Michelle Foster (View event recording)

25 May: Launch - Oxford Handbook on International Refugee Law

Hosted by the Refugee Studies Centre (University of Oxford); Centre for Fundamental Rights (Hertie School, Berlin); Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness (University of Melbourne), and the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law (UNSW Sydney). (View event recording)

15 April: Statelessness in Southeast Asia and the role of the AICHR in the promotion and protection of human rights

Eric Paulsen (View event recording)

25 March: Launch Event: A Place to Call Home

Co-produced by the Refugee Advice & Casework Service (RACS) and Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness  (View event recording)

18 March: Narratives of Displacement

Durkhanai Ayubi


16 October: Understanding Immigrants’ Diverse Employment Trajectories: The Role of Immigration Policy and Gender

Dr Rennie Lee  

18 September: Accountability for the Rohingya: The Relevance and Implications of International Law

Dr Priya Pillai  (View event recording)

26 August:  The impact of COVID-19 on stateless persons and refugees in Australia

Featuring: Katie Robertson, Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness (Chair) ; Jeanine Hourani, Director, Road to Refuge; Sarah Dale, Principal Lawyer and Centre Director, Refugee Advice Caseworker Service (RACS); David Burke, Legal Director, Human Rights Law Centre's Asylum Seeker and Refugee Rights team; Sahar Okhovat, Senior Policy Officer, Refugee Council of Australia.   (View event recording)

26 June: Field Notes from the Rohingya Emergency Response

Professor Bina D'Costa

12 March: "Nothing about us without us": the rise of refugee self-representation in global dialogue on forced displacement

Co-presented by Arash Bordbar (Chair, UNHCR Global Youth Advisory Council) and Dr Louise Olliff (University of Melbourne).

13 February: Deciding Who is a “Foreigner”: The Situation in the Indian State of Assam from a Legal Perspective

Talha Abdul Rahman


5 December: Uncertain Futures: EU Citizenship in the Shadow of Brexit

Dr Ruvi Ziegler

17 October: The Global Compacts: A Missed Opportunity or a Promising Tool?

Carolina Gottardo

12 September: Banishment and the Pre-history of Legitimate Expulsion Power

Professor Matthew J Gibney

5 September: War, Nationality and Nationalism: Denied Citizenship following the Disintegration of Former Yugoslavia

Professor Aleksandar Marsavelski

29 August: Detention of asylum seekers in the UK

Sir Nicholas Blake

22 August: Institutional Disrespect: The Structural Marginalisation of Refugee Migrants in Australia

Dr Ibi Losoncz

1 August: From Muddy Boots to Business Class: To the Emergency Frontlines and Back

A/Professor Bina D'Costa

6 June: Regressive, Arbitrary Identity Documentation Policies and Practices in Myanmar

Dr Nyi Nyi Kyaw

2 May: Resettlement of Refugee Immigrants in Australia: Agency and Affordances

Dr Gerald Onsando

4 April: Minority Statelessness and Racialized Citizenship: Romani minorities and the Uneven Access to Citizenship

Julija Sardelic


4 October: Statelessness and Citizenship in Kenya

Dr Samatha Balaton-Chrimes

20 September: "Applicants will need to demonstrate their integration into the Australian community": Proposed Citizenship Changes and Refugees/Stateless Persons

Dr Heli Askola

6 September: Is Mr Pham a Vietnamese National? Citizenship Deprivation and Foreign Nationality Law in Municipal Courts

Dr Raynor Thwaites

23 August: The Lived Experiences of Children of Transnational Migrants in Lombok, Indonesia

Dr Harriot Beazley

9 August: Children of ‘Cross Border Marriages’ and Nationality in Can Tho, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Professor Susan Kneebone

26 July: A noncitizenist look at statelessness and the global compact for migration

Dr Tendayi Bloom

13-14 February: Refugee Alternative Conference 2018

Hosted by the Refugee Council of Australia & the University of Melbourne

26 March: Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness Launch

The Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness was officially launched at Melbourne Law School on Monday 26 March with over 180 attendees. It was an honour to host MLS alumnus Peter McMullin and his wife Ruth, whose generosity, vision and commitment to the issue of statelessness has enabled the establishment of the Centre. The launch featured a panel discussion led by Centre Director Professor Michelle Foster, and included virtual messages from the Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, and the head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi. Other expert speakers included Dr Fernand de Varennes RP, Doyen, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues; Ms Erika Feller, Professorial Fellow, Melbourne School of Government, and former Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, UNHCR; and Professor Kim Rubenstein, Australian National University. Speakers discussed the scale and scope of the global challenge of statelessness, its impact, the role of the United Nations, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in addressing the challenge, and the role of academic research in contributing to the eradication of statelessness.

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