Tax Research Seminars Online

The tax research seminar online series hosted by the Melbourne Law School, aimed to provide a regular and congenial forum for presentation and discussion of new academic tax law, policy and theory research by colleagues in Australia, New Zealand and the region. The seminars are run online as a Zoom meeting, with 25 to 30 minutes paper presentation followed by comments from a discussant and then ample time for questions and discussion. This seminar is by invitation only, please register your interest at to be included in the mailinglist.


  • 17 September 2020 - Diagnosing the VAT Compliance Burden: A Cross-Country Assesment, co-authored with R Brown, C Evans, B Tran-Nam, M Walpole, presented by, Professor Richard Highfield (University of News South Wales). Professor Miranda Stewart will chair the seminar and the discussant will be Professor Rick Krever (University of Western Australia).

  • 27 August 2020 - International Tax Frameworks: Assessing the 2020s Compromise from the Perspective of Taxing the Digital Economy. Presented by, Professor Craig Elliffe (University of Auckland) based on his forthcoming book, Taxing the Digital Economy: Theory, Policy and Practice, Cambridge University Press. The presentation slides can be downloaded here. Professor Miranda Stewart chaired the seminar with commentary from Professor Kerrie Sadiq (Queensland University of Technology).

  • 30 July 2020 - Tax and the Inheritance of Wealth, presented by Dr Dan Halliday (University of Melbourne). The seminar was on the proposal by Dr Daniel Halliday in his book, Inheritance of Wealth: Justice, Equality, and the Right to Bequeath, Oxford University Press (2018), to tax the inheritance of wealth. Chair Miranda Stewart presented responses to Dr Halliday’s book in a journal symposium, from Professor Miranda Fleischer (University of San Diego) and Professor Jonathan Wolff (University of Oxford). Dr Daniel Halliday draft response on the commentary papers can be downloaded here.