About the Alumni Association

Established in 2001, the Alumni Association's principal functions are to maintain a database of the contact details of the Review's alumni, publish alumni Newsletters and host a biennial alumni social event.

All former Members of the Review (some 800 people) are automatically Members of the Alumni Association.

The Association is operated for the benefit of alumni only and does not engage in fundraising activities. Like the Review itself, the Alumni Association is completely separate from the Melbourne Law School and the University of Melbourne.

If you would like to be kept updated on alumni activities and the Review's progress, please email the Alumni Association with your current occupation, place of work, postal address, phone number and preferred method of contact (post or email). Your details will be kept in the strictest confidence, in accordance with the Review's privacy policy.

Please note that, for privacy reasons, the Review does not have access to the Melbourne Law School's alumni database. Accordingly, receipt of mail or electronic correspondence from the Law School does not necessarily mean that we have your contact details on file. If you do not wish to be a Member of the Alumni Association or receive correspondence from the Review, please let us know.

Alumni Association Cocktail Party

The Alumni Association Cocktail Party is a biennial informal event where past Members can reminisce about their time on the Review, collect a free copy of the Review's latest issue and meet current senior Review Members over drinks and nibbles.

The most recent Alumni Association Cocktail Party was held in May 2017. The next Alumni Association Cocktail Party will be held in 2019. Invitations will be sent out in the first half of the year; please update your email address or mailing address with us to ensure you receive your invitation.