Success in Brooking Prize for Construction Law

The Society of Construction Law Australia offers the Brooking Prize annually for 6,000-word essays in construction law. The Prize is named after the Hon Robert Brooking AO QC in recognition of his Honour’s pioneering contribution to the study and practice of construction law in Australia.

The Society has recently announced the results of the 2016 Prize. Melbourne Law School extends its congratulations to the following members of our construction law community who have been awarded prizes or commendations:

Thomas Ho (BA 2010, JD 2014)
Topic: Against Cavendish: Towards a procedural conception of the penalty doctrine
Result: Brooking Prize

Alisa Taylor (MConstrLaw 2016)
Topic: With great power there must also come - great responsibility: Reining in unbridled expert determinations
Result: Brooking Student Prize

William Marshall (MConstrLaw 2012)
Topic: Keeping the faith – in support of the good faith clause and definition in the draft Australian Standards 11000 construction contract
Result: Highly Commended (General)

Chris Horsfall (BE (Hons) 1992, LLB (Hons) 2002, LLM 2012)
Topic: Expert determination: Beyond the law?
Result: Commended (General)

Andrew Stephenson (Senior Fellow, Melbourne Law Masters) and Jaclyn Smith (BA(Hons) 2007, MConstrLaw 2014)
Topic: Pure economic loss following Brookfield Multiplex v Owners Corporation Strata Plan 61288 (2014) 254 CLR 185
Result: Commended (Genral)

Jody Williams (LLB 1984; Senior Fellow, Melbourne Law Masters)
Topic: Sustainable construction: Developments and opportunities
Result: Commended (General)

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