Kinkino Legide

PhD candidate

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Kinkino Legide joined Melbourne Law School in 2023. He earned an LLB with Distinction and LLM from Hawassa University. He was a VLIR-UOS scholar from 2018-2019 and earned Advanced MSc. from the Institute of Development Policy and management, The University of Antwerp (Belgium). Before joining MLS, he was a Lecturer in the College of Law and Governance at Hawassa University. He taught and published on constitutional law and federalism in Ethiopia. He also researched and published on political transition and transitional justice processes in Ethiopia.

Thesis Title

Manilal Maganlal, 1881 – 1956, transnational lawyer and socialist

Thesis Summary

Kinkino's PhD project deals with the constitutional law and politics related to ethno-regional autonomy claims and processes of internal secession in the Ethiopian federation. He specifically looks at how the right to internal self-determination (internal secession) as enshrined in the federal constitution plays out in practice and how this particular case gives insights about the theory and practice of the Ethiopian federation. The research project involves comparative case studies in similar or different ‘pluri-national’ federations.