Legal Research

About Legal Research

Students in their final year undertake the capstone subject Legal Research (LAWS50039). This subject involves studying one of the available legal research topics, which differ each year. As each topic has a quota, students must apply, and be approved, to enter a topic.


Only students who have satisfied the subject prerequisites (as per the subject handbook entry) or have an approved prerequisite waiver (which is specific to your selected topic) can apply for a Legal Research topic.

Some topics may have additional prerequisites or recommended prior knowledge within the topic description.

2022 Legal Research topics

Each topic is limited to 17 students unless specified otherwise.

Enrolling in Legal Research

Students cannot self-enrol, or register into classes, for Legal Research. Students must first apply for a Legal Research topic, then only approved applicants will be enrolled into the relevant offering and registered in the required class by the Academic Support Office.

Waitlists are not maintained for Legal Research topics, and topic quotas cannot be exceeded.

At the start of the timely application period, the upcoming year topics will be released and eligible students apply for their preferred topics (five preferences required).

All timely Legal Research topic applications are subject to a selection process.

Prerequisite waivers must be submitted during the timely application period for them to be considered for timely selection.

After applications close, places in topics are randomly allocated to eligible students and the Academic Support Office will notify students, via email, of their application outcome.

Timely applications closed Monday 13 December 2021 (11.59pm AEDT).

During the late application period, students can apply for Legal Research topics (may select up to two preferences) which are under quota. These applications will be assessed on a first-in basis.

Please note:

  • Waitlists are not maintained for Legal Research topics and quotas cannot be exceeded.
  • Topics will be removed from this list once enrolment is no longer possible.
  • Topic availability last updated - 08 Aug 2022 9:49am.