Enrolment and re-enrolment

Find information on subject options, selection and availability as well as a timeline of key dates and tasks you will need to complete.

Course planning

Course plans

Subject selection is an important step in your enrolment process that requires careful planning and consideration. The JD course plans will aid you in planning which compulsory subjects you should enrol in each semester, and when you will take elective subjects.

Students may also use the new My Course Planner tool for assistance with planning their studies.

Course plans

Elective subjects

JD students have access to a wide range of elective subjects which offer exciting and challenging opportunities in diverse fields of study. Electives can be categorised as:

  • JD quota electives
  • Enrichment electives
  • Melbourne Law Masters (MLM) electives

Available electives

Further study opportunities

You may also undertake a Concurrent Diploma of Languages alongside your JD.

2023 Enrolment timeline

Monday 14 November 2022

Timely re-enrolment period commences

2023 subject information released in the Handbook

  • 2023 subject enrolments open
  • MLM elective applications open (11 am AEDT)
  • Legal Research topic applications open
  • JD quota elective timely nominations open

Note: You should have one to four subject enrolments, or an approved leave of absence, in each half year (Jan–June and July–Dec). Any student who has not met the re-enrolment requirements by the end of the re-enrolment period will incur a late re-enrolment fee. Continued non-enrolment will lead to the termination of your course.

Monday 12 December 2022

Timely re-enrolment period ends

  • Legal Research topic and MLM elective timely applications close (11.59pm AEDT)
  • JD quota elective timely nominations close (11.59pm AEDT)
Tuesday 13 December 2022

Late re-enrolment period commences

  • Late JD quota elective enrolments open (10am AEDT)
Tuesday - Friday 13 December 2022 - 16 December 2022

Legal Research topics and MLM electives - ASO completes selection round for timely applications. Outcomes sent via email.

JD electives - ASO completes selection round of timely nominations for subjects above quota. Outcomes sent via email.

Friday 16 December 2022
  • Late Legal Research topic and MLM elective applications open (5pm AEDT)
Monday 9 January 2022

Late re-enrolment period ends (11.59pm AEDT)

Friday 5 August 2022
  • Late Legal Research topic applications close (5pm AEST)
Friday 9 December 2022
  • Late JD quota elective enrolments close
  • Late MLM elective applications close

Re-enrol in your course

In order to retain your place in the course, you will need to participate in the course re-enrolment process.

New JD students are not required to participate in the Universities re-enrolment processes prior to commencing their course.

Reviewing subject prerequisites

Once you have determined which subjects you wish to enrol in, review the subject handbook entry to ensure you meet the subject prerequisites and to confirm the last date you can enrol into the subject (the last date to self-enrol). If you do not meet the prerequisites, then you will need to obtain a prerequisite waiver prior to enrolment. There is no guarantee a prerequisite waiver will be approved.

Enrolling/applying for subjects

Compulsory subjects

After the timely re-enrolment period commences, JD students can self-enrol via their Study Plan in compulsory subjects (excluding Legal Research) after meeting any subject prerequisites.

If the last date to self-enrol has passed, then submit an Enrolment Variation form.

Intensively offered compulsory subjects

Compulsory subjects offered intensively will have an enrolment quota. You can self-enrol into these subjects until the quota has been met or up to the last date to self-enrol. If you can’t enrol because:

  • The quota has been met, then submit an Enrolment Assistance form to be added to the waitlist. Places may become available unpredictably (as this is reliant on a student withdrawing from the subject), and you will be notified via your student email address if a place becomes available.
  • The last date to self-enrol has passed, then submit an Enrolment Assistance form.

Legal Research (LAWS50039)

Students cannot self-enrol into this subject. Students must first apply for a Legal Research topic and approved applicants will then be enrolled in the relevant offering of Legal Research by the Academic Support Office.

Legal Research topics

Elective subjects

Students will either need to apply for or nominate their preferred electives (quota, enrichment or MLM).

Enrolling in electives