Study Abroad at Oxford

General Information

The Study Abroad at Oxford program is open to Melbourne Law Masters (MLM) students enrolled in the Master of Laws (LLM), Master of Tax (MTax) or Master of International Tax (MIntTax) and allows participants to undertake one elective at the University of Oxford from the MSc in Taxation program (see table(s) below for available subjects). At the conclusion of the program, participants will be credited a maximum 12.5 points, equivalent to one elective subject in their Melbourne Law School program of study.

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All applicants must:

Please note: Participating Melbourne Law School students will receive an Oxford email address, access to the Oxford University library and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Participating students will not be granted College affiliation, nor will they receive Oxford alumni status once they have completed their elective at the University of Oxford.

The timings and availability of all subjects displayed are indicative only. Melbourne Law School will update this list as and when new information is provided to our office, but all decisions regarding subject availability, delivery, cancellation or delay are managed by the University of Oxford. Melbourne Law School is not responsible for any changes to the MSc in Taxation Program and students seeking admission will need to carefully manage their enrolments and note any changes to the MSc in taxation Program though the student support services at Oxford.

Available courses

  • 2023/2024
    Course Dates (students attend all dates for each course)
    Value Added tax (VAT) Thurs-Sun 23 to 26 November 2023
    EU Tax Law Thurs-Sun 7-10 December 2023
    Taxation of Corporate Finance Thurs-Sun 22-25 February 2024
    UK Taxation of Global Wealth Fri-Sat 8-9 March and
    Fri-Sat 22-23 March 2024
    (Students are required to attend both teaching periods listed)
    Rereading Classic Texts in Tax Law & Policy Sat-Sun 4-5 May and
    Sat-Sun 18-19 May 2024
    (Students are required to attend both teaching periods listed)
    UK Corproate Tax* Thurs-Sun 6-9 June 2024
    *previously Thurs-Sun 23-26 May 2024
    Tax & Development Sat-Tues, 15-18 June 2024
    Tax & Human Rights Fri-Mon, 21-24 June 2024

    Please note that in exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to amend the timetable. If an amendment is necessary, the University of Oxford will provide as much notice as is possible.

    Subjects marked with an asterisk (*) are still to be confirmed and updates will be circulated shortly.

Course details


Students are required to pay the required fees directly to the University of Oxford, and students are fee exempt for the study abroad component at the University of Melbourne.

Indicative costs for  tuition and accommodation are available in the MSc in Taxation webpage.

Students are advised not to apply or pay for the program (or make travel arrangements) until approval from Melbourne Law School to participate in the program is granted.

Students are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate UK visa for studying at the University of Oxford.

Application Process

Students who meet the above eligibility criteria and wish to apply must submit an Expression of Interest to Melbourne Law School for approval at least seven weeks before the start of their chosen elective.

Submit Expression of Interest form

Upon verifying students meet the eligibility criteria, students will be provided with the next stage of the application process.

Students who require a letter for Centrelink to confirm their participation in the overseas program must contact the Study Overseas team at Stop 1 no less than three weeks before departure. Failure to do so may result in loss of payments such as Austudy, Youth Allowance and Disability Support Pension.


Participating students may be eligible for free University of Melbourne travel insurance.

Awarding Credit Upon Completion

Upon completion of the overseas program, students must ensure their overseas transcript is sent to the Study Overseas team at Stop 1, so credit from the program can be applied as Advanced Standing to the student's Melbourne Law School program. The generic study abroad subject will then be removed as a placeholder from the student's record.

The result(s) gained at the host institution will not be recorded on the student's University of Melbourne transcript and will not affect the student's Weighted Average Mark (WAM). Students are advised to retain a copy of their overseas transcripts to demonstrate the obtained result(s).

Graduation and Final Rankings

Melbourne Law School students who undertake international opportunities in the final semester of their course will often have to delay their graduation. Melbourne Law School advises students not to make any plans to attend a graduation ceremony until they have received a formal invitation to graduate.

Final rankings can only be calculated after all transcripts have been received and the student has graduated from their Melbourne Law School program.

Please note, however, Advanced Standing received from undertaking an overseas program is not included in final rankings.

Admission to Practice

Students seeking Admission to Practice in Victoria are required by the Board of Examiners to provide a Student Conduct Report (SCR) from each university in which they have been enrolled, including those based overseas, for each completed course.

Students should firstly approach their host institution's program contact to request the SCR. If the host institution is unsure of the wording to use in the SCR, students may provide them with a template (DOC).

  • In the event an SCR request has been made and rejected (for whatever reason) students will need to provide evidence of the original request and the host institution's response.
  • In the event an SCR request has been made to which no response has been received, students will need to provide evidence of the original request and a follow-up request.


For enquiries regarding international opportunities at Melbourne Law School, please contact the Academic Programs Coordinator at Please provide 2-3 dates and times when requesting an appointment.