Research Grants

Current Grants

Researchers Title
Tim LindseyUniversity of Melbourne Award for Excellence in Engagement - Public Value, 2019 ($10,000)
Tim LindseyMLS International Collaboration Fund - "Women and Islamic Law in the Philippines", 2017 ($10,000)
Tim Lindsey
Kerstin Steiner (Monash University)
M.B. Hooker
ARC Discovery Award - "Islam, Law and the State in the Philippines", 2016-2018

Past Grants

Researchers Title
Tim Lindsey 
Pip Nicholson
ARC Discovery Award - "Drugs, Law and Criminal Procedure in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis"
Tim Lindsey
Jamhari Makruf
Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellowship Program - Visit and Public Lecture by Professor Jamhari Makruf, 2014
Tim Lindsey
Todung Mulya Lubis
Melbourne-Asian Century Visiting Fellowships Program - Visit by Dr Todung Mulya Lubis, 2014
Tim Lindsey
Kelly McDermott
Kathryn Taylor
Collier Charitable Fund Grant - "Revealing Islam to a New Generation", 2008
Tim Lindsey ARC Federation Fellowship - "Islam and Modernity: Syari'ah, Terrorism and Governance in South-East Asia", 2006-2013
Tim Lindsey
Amanda Whiting
Andrew Kenyon
Tim Marjoribanks (Sociology Program)
ARC  Discovery Grant - "The Media and ASEAN Transitions: Defamation Law, Journalism and Public Debate in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore", 2006-2009
Tim LindseyARC Discovery Grant - "Islamic Law in Contemporary Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore: The Anglo-Malay Madhhab", 2005-2007AR
Tim Lindsey
M.B. Hooker (Australian National University)
ARC Discovery Grant - "Islamic Law in Contemporary Indonesia", 2002-2004
M.B. Hooker (Australian National University)
Veronica Taylor
Tim Lindsey
Min Aun Wu
ARC Large Grant - "Asian Laws in Transition, 1945-1995", 1999-2001
Tim LindseySpecial Initiative Grant (SPIG) - "Bibliographic Catalogue of World English-language holdings on Asian Laws", 1997