Research Grants

CILIS Member(s)Year(s)Type of GrantTitleCollaborator(s)Amount
Tim Lindsey2023-2025ARC Discovery ProjectObstacles to Contract Enforcement in IndonesiaNadirsyah Hosen (Monash)
Jeremy Kingsley (University of Western Sydney)
Tim Lindsey2023Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellowship ProgramHuman Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law in IndonesiaProfessor Jimly Asshiddiqie$16,280
CILIS Member(s)Year(s)Type of GrantTitleCollaborator(s)Amount
Tim Lindsey2022MLS Impact Booster and Communication GrantBoosting Asia Impact: the Australian Journal of Asian Law and the Indonesia at Melbourne Blog $2,000.70
Tim Lindsey2019University of Melbourne Award for Excellence in Engagement - Public Value  $10,000
Tim Lindsey2017MLS International Collaboration FundWomen and Islamic Law in the Philippines $10,000
Tim Lindsey2016-2018ARC Discovery AwardIslam, Law and the State in the PhilippinesKerstin Steiner (Monash University)
M.B. Hooker
Tim Lindsey 2014Melbourne-Asian Century Visiting Fellowships ProgramVisit by Dr Todung Mulya Lubis, 2014 Todung Mulya Lubis 
Tim Lindsey 2014Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellowship ProgramVisit and Public Lecture by Professor Jamhari Makruf, 2014 Jamhari Makruf 
Tim Lindsey 2010-2014ARC Discovery AwardDrugs, Law and Criminal Procedure in Southeast Asia: A Comparative AnalysisPip Nicholson$281,000
Tim Lindsey
Kelly McDermott
Kathryn Taylor
2008Collier Charitable Fund GrantRevealing Islam to a New Generation  
Tim Lindsey 2006-2013ARC Federation FellowshipIslam and Modernity: Syari'ah, Terrorism and Governance in South-East Asia $1,581,110
Tim Lindsey2006-2009ARC  Discovery GrantThe Media and ASEAN Transitions: Defamation Law, Journalism and Public Debate in Indonesia, Malaysia and SingaporeAmanda Whiting
Andrew Kenyon
Tim Marjoribanks (Sociology Program)
Tim Lindsey 2005-2007ARC Discovery GrantIslamic Law in Contemporary Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore: The Anglo-Malay Madhhab $170,000
Tim Lindsey2002-2004ARC Discovery GrantIslamic Law in Contemporary IndonesiaM.B. Hooker (Australian National University)$139,270
Tim Lindsey1999-2001ARC Large GrantAsian Laws in Transition, 1945-1995M.B. Hooker (Australian National University)
Veronica Taylor
Min Aun Wu
Tim Lindsey 1997Special Initiative Grant (SPIG)Bibliographic Catalogue of World English-language holdings on Asian Laws