The Constitution Transformation Network brings together researchers and practitioners to explore the phenomenon of constitutional transformation.

The Constitution Transformation Network connects research, practice and advice to support constitutional governance and constitution making in a rapidly changing, globalised world. We focus on:

  • The transforming role of constitutions in the current age of global interaction, in theory and practice.
  • Methods for making, changing and implementing constitutions support positive peace and effective government in the interests of the people.
  • Sharing expertise and developing knowledge on all issues of constitutional governance, including effective institutions of government; multilevel government and inclusion and participation by the people in governance and constitution-making.

Context: We are committed to taking constitutional law beyond the legal text to understand how constitutional arrangements work in practice in each particular context, in collaboration with country experts and local partners.

Conversations: We facilitate conversations and broker connections between practitioners, scholars and stakeholders to share the variety of experiences and expertise in constitutions and governance across the world, on the basis of inclusiveness and equality.

Connections: We connect country and regional expertise to global conversations on critical issues of constitutional law and governance and connect research to practice across diverse communities in governance, peace-building and constitution-making.

Countries: We work with partners all over the world, with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific, a huge region that contains a great diversity of constitutional experiences.

Consultancy and advice: The Constitution Transformation Network, and our individual convenors, undertake consultancies and provide advice across all areas of constitutional governance and constitutional change.

The Constitution Transformation Network is based at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne Australia.

Postal Address

Constitutional Transformation Network
Melbourne Law School
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010


Constitutional Transformation Network
Law School Building
The University of Melbourne
185 Pelham Street
Carlton Victoria

Email: law-CTNetwork@unimelb.edu.au

Contact individual convenors, please visit here.