White Noise - Episode 1: The ATSIC Chronicles

Show NotesEpisode One – The ATSIC Chronicles: reflections from the journey and lessons for the Voice

For the White Noise Podcast’s first episode we gathered leaders in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission to discuss their reflections on the journey of the Commission and their insights on how the representative function of ATSIC can be drawn on to inform the development of the Voice to Parliament today.

This conversation was recorded on Jagera Country in Queensland and produced on Wurundjeri Country, in Naarm, Victoria. We pay our respects to the elders, past and present, of these Countries, to our guests who share their cultural knowledge and experience as Aboriginal men resisting a settler-state in this conversation, and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people listening to this conversation. We are privileged to witness this conversation about First Nations justice on unceded Aboriginal lands.

The White Noise podcast is a production of the Indigenous Law and Justice Hub at the University of Melbourne. You can find out more about us on our website, or by following us on Instagram.

The White Noise podcast is hosted by Jaynaya Dwyer, Research Fellow at the Indigenous Law and Justice Hub.

The soundtrack, White Noise, is written and performed by John Wayne (Yuggerabul Meriam Le). We are grateful to John Wayne for lending his voice to this program.

We are honoured to be joined by our guests, who generously shared their wisdom:

Our sincere to the staff of the MLS digital studio for the production of this podcast:

  • Greta Robenstone – production
  • Ben Chandler – Sound Mixing

A full transcript of this episode is available here.


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More information on the episode

You can learn more about the themes discussed in this episode through the following resources:

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

  • A compilation of senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices on the closure of ATSIC - National Museum of Australia, Reflections on ATSIC (Youtube, 13 October 2011)
  • The Parliamentary Inquiry at the conclusion of ATSIC, considering transition to mainstreaming of ATSIC’s functions, contains analysis of the body from the perspective of the committee membership. There is useful outline of the structure, budget and formal role of ATSIC at Chapter 2.

Select Committee on the Administration of Indigenous Affairs ‘After ATSIC – life in the mainstream’ (Parliament of Australia, 8 March 2005)

The 1967 Referendum and First Nations representative bodies

Looking forward - The Voice to Parliament and Uluru Statement from the Heart

The final report of consultation on the Voice to Parliament, lead by Professor Marcia Langton and Professor Tom Calma, which proposes a model for the Voice. Note this is an outcome of government-lead consultation, but there is not a full and finalised model of the Voice at this time. Professor Marcia Langton and Professor Tom Calma, Final Report to the Australian Government, Indigenous Voice Co-Design Process (National Indigenous Australians Agency, July 2021)