White Noise - Episode 4: A state where equality is non-negotiable with LGBTIQ+ Communities Commissioner, Dr Todd Fernando.

Show Notes - Episode Four – A state where equality is non-negotiable with LGBTQI+ Communities Commissioner, Dr Todd Fernando.

We are delighted to share our conversation with Dr Todd Fernando, Victorian Commissioner for LGBTQI+ Communities, whose role is to advocate for the rights, safety and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex and queer communities. Todd is a Wiradjuri man, with a background as an academic researcher and teacher at the University of Melbourne.

This podcast was recorded on Wurundjeri Country at the MLS Digital Studio.

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The White Noise podcast is hosted by Jaynaya Dwyer, Research Fellow at the Indigenous Law and Justice Hub. Thanks to Eddie Cubillo (Larrakia, Wadjigan and Central Arrente) and Kieran Akula for their assistance with the production of this episode.

The soundtrack, White Noise, is written and performed by John Wayne Parsons (Yuggerabul Meriam Le). We are grateful to John Wayne for lending his voice to this program.

Our sincere to the staff of the MLS digital studio for the production of this podcast:

  • Greta Robenstone – production
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Note on content and getting support

This episode addresses challenging themes associated with experiences of discrimination, including LBGTQI+ and Indigenous suicide.

If you would like to seek support from a trained professional you can contact the following resources:

  • For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, you can contact Yarning Safe and Strong 24/7 for confidential support
    Call 1800 959 563
    Email ysns@vahs.org.au
    Facebook @YarningSafenStrong

More information on the episode

To learn more, you can follow the LGBTQI+ Communities Commissioner on Instagram or LinkedIn

Todd spoke about his work under the Pride in our future: Victoria’s LGBTIQ+ strategy 2022-32. You can also read the Victorian Government’s LGBTQI+ Communities inclusive language guidelines.

During this conversation we discussed the Coroner’s Court of Victoria’s 2022 report on Suicide in LGBTIQ+ people in Victoria, and the CHARLEE suicide prevention hub operated by Switchboard LGBTQI+ Lived Experience Network, which includes supports, resources and research.

We also spoke about an article that Todd published in Pursuit Magazine in May 2022, titled ‘Embracing queer Indigenous Australia: Health services need to cater to the whole person as a human right, and that includes Indigenous LGBTIQ+ Australians.