Research Tools

Research Tools

This page provides a range of tools and resources to help you with legal research as well as assisting with the use of library systems and databases.

Reference Management

Find out about citing with AGLC4 and how to save time and energy as well as working smarter with Reference tools such as Zotero (including plugins and program extensions) on our Reference Management page.

Library Search Tools

The Library website has some great options for Search Tools that will help you discover and access online legal resources.

Lean Library

Lean Library is a browser extension that directly logs you into sites the Library subscribes to, bypassing the library website.

Works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. More information and instructions.

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that puts direct PDF download links onto research platforms and other sites.

Works in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave and Vivaldi. More information and instructions.

Google Scholar

When you are onsite and search Google Scholar you will notice Find It@UniMelb link appearing next to eBooks and Journal Articles in your search results. Google searches an index our collections and subscriptions to show you what we have, and provide you with access via a Find It@UniMelb link.

This feature can be easily configured to work offsite, so that you can see available library content when searching Google Scholar at home/off campus. More information and instructions.

Legal Research Tools

Australian Case Citators

There are  several options for tools that search for cases. Our Australian Case Citator Comparison explores the  features of:

  • CaseBase (Lexis Advance)
  • KeyCite (Westlaw Australia)
  • Jade
  • LawCite (AustLII).

Legal Abbreviations

Search for the meaning of abbreviations for English language legal publications via the selected tools on our Legal Abbreviations page.

Legal Citation Style Guides

Legal Citation Style Guides providing style guides for  Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Read the Legal Citation Style Guides.

Style Guides for Authors

Style Guides for Authors for Australia, United Kingdom and  Global.  Access the Style Guides for Authors.

Deep Linking to Content

Information on how to deep link to content in the database for a  selection of legal databases with via Deep Linking Information page.

Keeping up to date

Find out about email alerts (new journal issues and articles; Table of content alerts, search alerts) and other ways to automatically keep up to date with your legal field/subject area via Keeping up to date in Law Research Guide.

Using the Westlaw Australia platform

We've developed some short guides to help you navigate the Westlaw Australia platform.

Research Guides

These research guides are designed to help you find the best resources for your area of law, including both subscription and free resources.

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