Shilpa Singh Jaswant

PhD Candidate

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Shilpa is a PhD candidate at Melbourne law school. Her PhD research examines the role of nation-states as political actors in regulating cross-border data and analyses its implications for the civil liberties of individuals.

She holds a LLM from Europa Kolleg-University of Hamburg and was a recipient of the DAAD scholarship. Her Masters thesis was selected as the best thesis. She completed B.Sc. LLB. (Hons) from Gujarat National Law University. She previously worked as an Assistant Professor of law at OP Jindal Global University where she taught courses on International human rights, international trade law and the EU law. She briefly practiced as a Competition lawyer at boutique and international law firms. She is a Research fellow for the CyberBRICS project at Centre for Technology & Society, FGV Law School, Rio de Janeiro and a Visiting professor at FGV law school. Her research work has been in peer reviewed journals and blogs.

Thesis title

Quest for Data Nationalism and the Future of Transborder Data Flow


The research seeks to challenge the notion of sovereign control that infringes upon civil liberties such as privacy rights. It delves into the concept of "data sovereignty" and explores how national policies governing data impact a state's control over individuals' data, while also addressing the balance between legal protections for privacy and the public interest in exercising such control. The research explores for an alternative approach to sovereign control that reconciles individual and community rights with broader public interests. This is achieved by advocating for principles of data justice, such as fairness, transparency, and accountability.


  • Data governance
  • Privacy law
  • Regulating emerging technologies, AI and robots
  • Law and Society