Subject Timing and Format

Timing and Format

  • All subjects are taught in an interactive seminar style.
  • Around 90% of subjects are offered on an intensive basis.
  • The remaining subjects are offered for two hours a week over one semester.
  • Class sizes normally range from 20 to 30 students.
  • All subjects in the Melbourne Law Masters program are quota restricted subjects.

Intensive Subjects

  • Tuition takes place within a limited period, normally of five days, with around five hours of classes per day.
  • Comprehensive reading materials are provided approximately four weeks prior to the commencement of an intensive class.
  • It is expected that students undertake substantial reading before classes begin.
  • Teachers and students are likely to be in contact with each other electronically from the time reading materials are released to the time assessment is due.
  • Intensive subjects are ideal for busy professionals and provide an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the subject content.

Contact Hours

The minimum class time required for all subjects (intensive or semester-long) is 24 to 26 hours per subject. Students are expected to undertake significant, additional individual study of at least 110 hours per subject. Extensive reading materials are provided or advised approximately four weeks prior to the commencement of classes. Assessment for intensive subjects is conducted six to 12 weeks after classes conclude. Lecturers and students are likely to be in contact with each other electronically from the time subject materials are released to the assessment due date.

Attendance Requirements

There is an attendance hurdle requirement for each subject. Details can be found on the University Handbook under Assessment.

A candidate who fails to meet this hurdle requirement will be required to withdraw ('WD') from the subject and will forfeit their subject fees. A candidate who does not withdraw prior to the last date to withdraw without fail will receive a fail grade on their Academic Transcript. The last date to withdraw without fail is listed on the subject entry in the University handbook.

Class Recording

Students are not permitted to record classes on their personal devices without the prior permission of the subject teacher(s). If permission is granted, any recording made of a class by a student can only be used by the student for his or her personal study purposes.

Travel Arrangements

If you are enrolled in any MLM subject and you need to travel to Melbourne for teaching seminars you are advised to organise flexible travel and accommodation bookings. You are encouraged to book your flexible travel and accommodation as close as possible to the scheduled teaching dates.

Subject Cancellations

Occasionally it may be necessary to cancel a subject. The Law School makes every effort to ensure that these occasions are rare. If a subject is cancelled for any reason, the Law School will attempt to ensure that affected candidates are able to enrol in the subject that is their second preference. If it is not possible to undertake an alternate subject resulting in the need to take leave of absence, this leave will not count towards your leave of absence quota.