Enrolment and re-enrolment

To be recognised as a current student, you must enrol at the beginning of your course and then re-enrol every year for the duration of your course.

New students
If you are commencing a course in 2021, you do not need to re-enrol. Visit the Get Started at Melbourne to complete your enrolment and review additional information relevant to the Melbourne Law Masters program.

When to re-enrol

Mon 23 Nov - Tues 15 Dec 2020

Timely re-enrolment period

The 2021 Handbook will be available on 23 November. Please refer to your course entry (under ‘Course Structure’) for the list of approved subjects.

In order to remain admitted to your course, you must be enrolled in at least one subject in each half-year period (Jan–Jun and Jul–Dec) or be on a Leave of Absence.

Requirements for student visa holders
As a student visa holder you need to ensure that you meet the requirements of your student visa.

Wed 16 Dec - Mon 11 Jan 2021 (11.59pm)

Late re-enrolment period

Note: A late re-enrolment fee of applies if you re-enrol during this period. Further non-enrolment will lead to course cancellation.

How to enrol in subjects

Step 1 - Select your subjects

Subject selection is an important step in your enrolment process that requires careful planning and consideration. Refer to the Handbook for the list of approved subjects for your course, taking note of the assessment due dates, and teaching dates, to ensure that there are no clashes with your other subjects.

Seeking enrolment advice

Step 2 - Review subject availability

As a guide to assist you, the subject quotas webpage will be updated frequently, indicating which subjects are full and available for waitlisting.

View MLM subject quotas

Step 3 - Enrol via my.unimelb

Once you’ve decided on your subjects, you can select and enrol into them via your Study Plan on my.unimelb. Students can maintain their own subject enrolment via my.unimelb up until the last date to self-enrol for each subject (see relevant subject entry in Handbook for dates).

Tip: When completing your subject enrolment, your subjects should display on your Study Plan with a status of ‘Enrolled’ and be highlighted in green. If not, then you have not completed and saved your enrolment properly.

IMPORTANT: All subjects in the Melbourne Law Masters program have a strict quota, and enrolment is on first-in basis. If you are unable to enrol in a subject, it may mean that:

  • You do not meet a prerequisite, as outlined in the Handbook (under Eligibility and Requirements). Waivers may be available.
  • The subject is already fully subscribed. Waitlists are maintained by the Academic Support Office.
  • The last date to self-enrol has passed (check the Handbook subject entry for this information). The Academic Support Office can assist with manual enrolment.

Please note that Melbourne Law School may reserve places in a subject for incoming international cohorts or where a subject is core to a specialisation with limited alternate options.

Enrolling in subjects

Please note: Melbourne Law Masters subjects are typically single sitting intensive classes with no choice of class time. You will be automatically registered for these classes once the timetable is finalised. Certain semester-length subjects may offer a choice of classes, allowing you to select your preferred class times using MyTimetable (you will otherwise be automatically registered).

Subjects by application

Some subjects are available by application only.

Overview subjects

The Melbourne Law Masters program offers a number of professional overview subjects that provide an introduction to key legal areas. These subjects are not available for academic credit in the Melbourne Law Masters program.