Supervision of Graduate Students' Research

Many students have completed higher degree theses (PhD, SJD and LLM) under the supervision of members of the Centre for Corporate Law. Some of these students and their thesis topics are:

  • Michael Legg, PhD, “Public and private enforcement of securities laws in Australia: An examination of the continuous disclosure regime”
  • Emma Armson, PhD, “The Australian Takeovers Panel: An effective forum for dispute             resolution?”
  • Marco Bini, PhD, “The duty to act in the best interests of the public entity”
  • Michelle Welsh, PhD, “Civil penalties under the Corporations Act and the enforcement role of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission”
  • Pamela Hanrahan, SJD, “Officers’ accountability in managed investment schemes”
  • Vivian Goldwasser, SJD, “The regulation of stock market manipulation”
  • Jonathan Farrar, LLM by thesis, “Acquiring control of Australian companies: Takeover or scheme of arrangement?”
  • Allan Bulman, LLM by minor thesis and coursework, “How section 667C of the Corporations Act should be interpreted and its application to the various forms of compulsory acquisition”
  • Nicole Calleja, LLM by minor thesis and coursework, “The new Takeovers Panel: A better way?”
  • Henry Lloyd, LLM by minor thesis and coursework, “Compulsory acquisition of minority interests”
  • Donna Croker, LLM by minor thesis and coursework, “Prospectus liability under the Corporations Law”
  • Bruce Taylor, LLM by minor thesis and coursework, “The regulation and enforceability of issues of debt securities issued by trustees in Australian securitisation programs”